How to Effectively Market your Rental Property

Take advantage of the use of “For Rent” signs. Well-worth the investment, you’ll know that viewers of your signage will have passed the “sniff” test, as they will have at least seen the exterior of your property and the neighborhood in which it resides.

Utilize the Internet. You want to take advantage of those marketing sites that offer you maximum exposure for your rental listing, at minimal cost. There are some key points to consider when determining just where to list your rentals on the Internet:

– Listing sites that offer high traffic counts/exposure
– Classified sites
– Social sites
– Economical sites
– Time-saving sites

Rental listing-specific sites with the highest traffic counts include,, and With that popularity also comes higher ad rates for your rental advertising.

Classified sites. and are a couple of examples. Craigslist gets tremendous traffic, and both are free to utilize in posting your rentals. The big drawback is that they are not specific to property rentals and offer somewhat rudimentary search ability.

Social sites. Examples include,, and Facebook and Twitter are utilized extensively by the renter demographic. It’s free to open an account and recommended if you haven’t already. Apartment managers might look into setting up an apartment complex-specific page on Facebook to create an online-community.

Economical sites. You want to utilize sites that aren’t going to break your wallet. Many of the classified sites are free to use. is another that’s also free, and is focused on listing all types of homes, whether they’re for rent, or for sale.

Time-saving sites. You don’t want to spend all day creating and logging into numerous sites to create or edit listings. Your time is valuable. Utilize sites that will allow you to quickly create and manage your listings, get your word out to large numbers of your target market, and are functional for both you the landlord, AND the renter that is seeking a rental.

So which sites hit on the key points that are important to your success in quickly filling a vacancy? Try checking out and Both sites provide you the ability to create, edit and house your rental ad portfolio free-of-charge, offer reasonable rates on activated ads, and additionally provide you the ability to post your listings to numerous additional rental listings sites with a quick couple clicks of your mouse. This site syndication feature is extremely important, given that a recent (2009) study conducted by, shows that 90% of Internet users searching for a rental will go to multiple sites to search prospective rentals.

When posting your rentals online, don’t forget to include pictures! You’re wasting your time if you list a rental without at least one picture of the property. The viewer’s time is important, and he or she will simply move on to the next listing. Take the time and get pictures of your rental! Try your local county auditor site if you’re desperate. Many now include property photo’s with parcel information.

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