How to Use Coupons to Save Money on Groceries

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Anyone looking to save money on groceries can benefit from using coupons. An effective coupon strategy is quite simple. It should involve looking for items that are already on sale then using a coupon to maximize savings.  Below are some additional tips to help you use coupons effectively to save money on groceries.

Purchase the local Sunday paper

There are many savings to be found leafing through the Sunday paper with scissors in hand in search for coupons. Look at the supermarket inserts in the paper. Take advantage of “value” days, “buy one get one free”, and other promotions. Look for coupons to apply to those already discounted items. It is not uncommon for your savings to double or even triple when using such tactics.

Get coupons from other sources

In addition to the local newspaper, there are now a number of places online where you can find coupons and download them for free. You should also check your shopping receipt for coupons that print from the register. Look on the packaging of products that you’ve purchased and search coupon mailers and magazines for additional ways to save.

Organize your coupons

Getting organized will also help you save money. Purchase an official coupon organizer or use a small plastic file sorter (envelope size). Most office supply stores and places like Walmart carry them. Categorize and label each tab (ex. breakfast items, snacks, household items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.) They are easy to carry and can also hold other grocery shopping tools such as your shopping list, a small calculator, pen/pencil and a small notepad.

Match coupons to what’s on your shopping list

Match the coupons you’ve clipped or downloaded with the items on your grocery list. Take only the matching coupons with you to the store. This will help you refrain from buying an item that you don’t need just because you have a coupon.

Shop at stores that will double your coupons

To increase coupon savings, visit your supermarket’s website or call the store to find out if they double coupons. Some stores will double up to a certain amount while others only offer this service to their customers on specific days.

Take advantage of in store savings

Pile extra savings into your cart by using the coupons you brought with you along with the coupons found in your grocery store aisles. Remember the best way to save money using coupons is to use them when an item is on sale. Don’t forget about rebates. Some stores also have rebate centers which are another great way to save. While you are in the store, sign up to receive the key chain swipe card and reap the benefits of your grocer’s value savings program.



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