The Purpose of Organizations

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More years than I want to recall, I was talked into joining
an organisation which at first blush seemed a good idea.

As all newbies, I entered with enthusiasm and commitment.
This lasted about six months.

The first law of organisations is their reason to exist.

Organisations exist to exclude people.
They exist to allow the membership to work out their
inferiority complexes by oppressing members who haven’t
been around long enough to figure this out.

The second law of organisations concerns their purpose.
The purpose is to waste time and deal with internal
stupidity such as the taking of minutes and fermenting
plans to do nothing.

There are many other laws but the key one
is that once you get in you can’t leave.

Let me repeat that; You Can’t Just Leave.

To get out of this organisation you must allow yourself
to be pushed to the fringes, made redundant, but you are
not to quit.

Quitting creates a situation.

People who never spoke to you will ring you up to demand
explanations. Anything you say can and will be used
against you. You have no right to remain silent.

For the rest of your life you will be haunted by your ‘betrayal’
of the organisation. Under no circumstances are you to ever, by
word or deed, suggest that the organisation is not merely a waste
of your time but detrimental to your mental health.

As everyone is power mad you need to do nothing
to be shoved into oblivion.

As everyone is so afraid you might receive some benefit
by your association efforts will be put into denying
you any and all advantage by belonging.

This is a good thing.

Once you are not invited to a function, no one can ask you
to contribute.
Once you are not given a plum, no one can expect you to do

You may not know that one went out of his or her way to
prevent you being nominated or selected, but everyone
else will.

This means collective guilt will operate.

A rule of thumb; resist joining anything save those
organisations you can use for bragging rights.


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