How to AFK in Runescape Train (away from keyboard)

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AFK also knows as away from keyboard training. People do this method to train their runescape accounts without being their selves. Doing this is a great way to get your EP up in PVP worlds or do get your skills up really fast. But most people dont realize that this is against the rules of runescape.

Positives about AFK:

Not wasting your time training skills, faster then training them your selves


Aainst the rules of jagex, account may get black marks or banned

Different ways of AFKing


A very easy and effective way of getting your EP up to do the 26k trick in runescape. Two friends go to PVP world and buy enough choas runes that will last for two hours, because the maximum EP you can get is 100. And since you can only get 25 ep in 30 mins it will take two hours. So both players wear rune armour to get their attk bonus in mage to -65 and auto cast using air staff. No one will be able to attack you two and you will get 100 ep in no time. But the bad thing about this method is that it wastes a lot of choas runes and because you can use mind runes it takes even more money.

Another method of AFKing

Magic Training:

Bring as much mind runes as you can buy and an air staff. But make sure that you are wearing full rune and your maic attack bonus is -65  or you will hit and kill your training dummy. Some good examples of monsters are goblins, gaurds, and another person in the duel arena. But remember to tape down or put weight etheir on the left or right arrow keys so your screen keeps spinning and you will not log out. Then go to a really unpopulated places that noobody can report you and start attacking a monster. Soon you will have really high mage.


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