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Libra is an air sign and Cancer is a water sign. Libra is ruled by Venus, Cancer is ruled by the moon. Where the Cancerian can be emotional and moody, the Libran will take a more intellectual approach to relationships. Granted the Libran can be dreamy and romantic too. In fact romance will play a big part in this partnership. But Cancer may have a sulky, moody and emotional side the Libran finds hard to really understand. When they do fall out, Libra might decide they’d rather just walk away and seek out friends he or she enjoys being with.

Libra Cancer Compatibility Astrology

 Only that kind of strategy won’t always help in this relationship. Cancer will be waiting for them return and he or she will want to continue the argument where they last left of! As an easy-going person, the Libran might even say the words their partner wants to hear, if only for the sake of peace and harmony. But this won’t make them feel very happy and eventually all these petty problems will build up to cause quite a breach between them. Libra needs a partner who is mentally as well as physically compatible with them.

But their Cancerian partner will approach this relationship in a more emotional way. To their partner, a relationship is for constantly showing and sharing their affections. Faithfulness is a must. Their Cancerian partner loves their home life and their idea of heaven is to curl up by the fire at home in the evenings and locking the rest of the world out.

 Libra With Cancer Relationship

Libra, on the other hand, would rather be out there with the rest of the world! And because they’re more sociable and outgoing than their partner, this could cause problems. Libra is ruled by their mind in that they are attracted to things that might help them in relationships; things such as money and material possessions. They see the potential in people and they are attracted to people who might go far.

They are happy to take their time when making decisions and they know that their judgement is good because they see all sides of all matters. There is a lot of frustration, therefore, when they notice that their Cancerian partner seems to base his or her decisions purely on emotions and feelings. Libra, born under the sign of the Scales, is fair minded. But sometimes they just can’t understand where their Cancerian partner is coming from, or for that matter, where they’re going to!

Libra/Cancer Relationship Match

Ruled by the moon, the Cancerian is subject to constantly changing emotions and Libra might find it difficult to keep up with these. Granted Libra can be known to regularly change their mind, but this is nothing like the misunderstandings which occur because of their partner’s constant need to have the Libran prove their love. It’s not always easy to explain every place they’ve been to and everyone they happened to see along the way. Sometimes they’d like to retain a little privacy but their Cancerian partner seems to think that because they are now a “twosome”, they must always answer to each other. In this respect, Libra would prefer to keep operating as “one”! All in all, a tense relationship.

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