Cancer and Libra Love Compatibility – Cancer Relationship with Libra

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Romance is always fun with a Libran. There’s plenty to do, lots of parties to attend and lots of exciting plans to look forward to in the future. Libra is always full of wonderful ideas and he or she will promise the Cancerian the World. What a life they’re going to share together! Exotic journeys abroad, luxury cruises, expensive cars and rambling mansions. The Libran is convinced that, one day, this will ALL be theirs.

Cancer Libra Compatibility Astrology

Cancer can’t help but be caught up in Libran’s many schemes and dreams. But eventually, the romantic bubble could well burst. They’ll start to realise that it’s no use dreaming without doing anything practical to turn these into reality.   Cancer will want more than pie-in-the-sky imaginings.

They might tire of their Libran’s “all talk and no action” attitude. They want and they need a more assertive and more sensual lover. They respect tradition and they are attracted to “old” things but the Libran might try and persuade them to have a more modern outlook on life.   Both partners will enjoy sharing hobbies and activities in their home and Cancer likes to be surrounded by books, videos and their favourite CD’s. However, whenever they share “romantic” moments, it could be that their tastes will differ slightly and somehow the moment just never seems right.

Cancer/Libra Relationship Compatibility

Cancer might be in the mood for a night in, listening to classical music when Libra wants to go out clubbing instead. Even if they find a compromise, Cancer just won’t feel as if they ‘re getting the most out of a romance in which they have to share their partner with so many of their past lovers and friends.   The Libran is well known for his or her love of harmony and their desire to share life with others. But the Libran might be a little too freedom-loving for the Cancerian’s peace of mind.

Cancer can be possessive and they might be reluctant to share their partner with other close friends. They feel their security is threatened when their Libran lover insists on remaining friends with his or her past romantic partners.   Nonetheless, if Cancer is looking for romance, they’ll find this in a Libran. Ruled by the planet Venus, Librans are attractive, loving and charming individuals. But is that enough for a good relationship? For when it comes to love, Cancer probably feels as if their well of emotions runs much deeper than their partner’s.

Cancer and Libra Relationship Match

Indeed, Librans can be quite cool and collected in matters of the heart. This is because Libra isn’t a particularly emotional sign. They’re more of an “intellectual” lover and although in some ways this will be okay. Sometimes the Cancerian could do with some deeper signs of their affection.

Libra is a sociable and outgoing sign. They prefer a degree of freedom in their relationships and perhaps Cancer won’t be keen to allow this. For they know how attractive their partner is to the opposite sex, and they just aren’t sure they can REALLY trust them once they are out of their line of vision!   Generally, the verdict has to be that a Cancer, Libran combination could be a rather shaky one.

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