Virgo and Cancer Love Compatibility – Virgo Relationship with Cancer

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For the Virgo, there will be times when their Cancer lover is feeling romantic and Virgo might prefer to get on with things that need doing. Or they might want to discuss matters that really need some attention before giving in to a desire for pleasure. Sometimes they feel as if Cancer lives in a world of dreams but on saying this, they’re quite fond of the way their lover can be so romantic and idealistic.

 It’s as if he or she helps them see that there are different ways of looking at life. And it can be fun to give in to feelings rather than analyse everything all the time.

Virgo Cancer Compatibility Astrology

Virgo likes to have set routines, set ways of doing things and they ‘re always on time for everything. At first, Cancer might not be familiar with their ways. But Cancer will adapt and Virgo will start notice how their lover begins to respect their well ordered lifestyle. It makes the Cancer feel safe and secure. The Cancer lover can be ever so dreamy and sentimental. But Virgo isn’t really a one who goes in for strong displays of emotion. And yes it might take a lot of hard work to get their partner to realise that there are more things to life than constantly thinking up ways of demonstrating their affection!

Virgo with Cancer Relationship

Because sometimes, no matter how hard they try, the Virgo might feel as if they just can’t make their partner understand that they do think highly of the Cancerian. But what the Virgo perhaps don’t realise is that Cancer might look tough on the outside but underneath the surface lies a highly emotional character. And their Cancerian lover will find it difficult to cope with their more practical attitude towards romance. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury and this suggests that their mind rules their heart.

They would never act on impulse and they won’t let their feelings rule them. On the other hand, Cancer is ruled by the moon. His or her moods tend to be subject to quick changes. Virgo might come to notice that these sometimes coincide with the different phases of the Moon. Sometimes Virgo will find it hard to understand why their partner is acting in such a strongly emotional way.

 Virgo suspects Cancer regularly lets their feelings rule their decision making. Because of this, when it comes to important decisions that might affect the two of them, Virgo will prefer to have the last choice. Certainly, in some matters, Virgo would like to rely on their own judgement. Their Cancer lover just doesn’t seem to have much in the way of common-sense! At least, that’s the way it looks, to them.

Virgo/Cancer Relationship Summary

To end, there are positive aspects to this relationship. These are the areas this couple can build on in order to work towards a long-term romance. For instance, they are both home-loving and quite private people in that they ‘d both rather spend more time with their family than out socialising. They will be good parents and are faithful towards their loved-ones. Indeed, there are many areas of compatibility if only they could understand each others emotional outlook and as long as Virgo realises how sensitive their partner really is.

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