Leo and Cancer Love Compatibility – Leo Relationship with Cancer

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There probably isn’t as big a hearted sign as the Leo. Their feelings run deeply and strongly. However, their emotions are stable, which is more than can be said for the Cancerian. Yes, of course, Cancerians do love just as deeply as the Leo. But for some reason, their partner seems to be subject to constant ups and downs.

Leo Cancer Compatibility Astrology

The Cancerian might be so moody that Leo never really knows where they are with them. And above all, it will be this side of their partner’s nature that they will have to try to understand in order to make this relationship work.   The Leo is looking for a loyal lover. And really, as far as faithfulness, sincerity and loving goes, they really won’t be able to fault their partner. They will enjoy some wonderfully loving and romantic moments together, especially at the beginning of their relationship. But will these last?

Leo/Cancer Relationship

Once Leo gets to really know their Cancerian lover, they might start to realise that there are some things they won’t ever agree on. Cancer might want to spend more time in twosomes rather than crowds. Leo will need to be around lots of people – how else can that more outgoing, leadership side of their personality get to shine? Leos love to be at the centre of all that’s going on.

Cancerians prefer to watch from the sidelines. This suggests that as their relationship develops, they’ll find they there are different places where they both want to be.   Leo is a faithful, warm-hearted lover. This will appeal to their Cancerian partner’s needs. Cancer will be proud of the Leo and he or she will encourage and share in their success with no real wish to steal the spotlight. This could make for an easy-going relationship but Cancer can be moody and sensitive too. Leo is  more direct and outspoken and this could sometimes cause problems.

Leo with Cancer Relationship Compatibility

If Leo would rather ‘say it as it is’ and they aren’t really in the mood to be constantly watching their words, they could get frustrated. Because this is when their partner might accuse them of always trying to hurt their feelings. Another area where there might be problems is in the way each partner demonstrates their emotions. Both are romantic but Cancer is sensitive and emotionally, he or she will be quite a demanding lover.

This is likely to be a turbulent relationship and of course, they will enjoy each other’s company at times. – Why else did they get together? Leo is generous and Cancer too, is a totally unselfish lover. He or she will often put the Leo’s needs in front of their own.   But Cancer is just SO sensitive and when Leo is more practical in outlook, there are times when they simply can’t avoid some misunderstandings. Nonetheless, if they work hard, they should find enough areas of compatibility to make for an interesting partnership.   And if they’re wondering how long this relationship might last, well, it will all depend on how much they really love each other!

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