Cancer with Cancer Love Compatibility – Cancerians Match with Cancerians

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Cancerians are loving, romantic and serious about their relationships. So with a partner born under the same Sun Sign, they should have no difficulty understanding each other’s basic attitude towards their love-life.

Cancer with Cancer Relationship

In a way, Cancer is a rather “conventional” sign for there’s quite a traditional outlook on relationships: for example, courtship, engagement, marriage and then comes the children. Missing out any of the steps would be unthinkable. Since both partners agree, there shouldn’t be any problems!   Both in this couple are ruled by their emotions so they should understand each other’s changing moods and keen sensitivity. On the other hand, each can be too swayed by individual feelings and this could bring areas of contention.

The reason for this is because the moon rules this partnership. Both partners’ moods will change with the different phases of the moon. It could therefore be that at the time of the new moon and full moon they will react similarly or slightly differently from each other.

Cancer/Cancer Compatibility Astrology

If the moon doesn’t have the same affect on them both it might be easier. Otherwise if, for instance, one partner tends to be mean, moody and miserable whenever there’s a full moon and the other partner isn’t any better, this relationship is likely to move in definite cycles of ups and downs. However, if one partner is feeling easygoing whenever their other half is over-sensitive (and vice-versa) it might be a whole lot easier for the two of them to get on.   Family life is important to the Cancerian and both will have strong feelings about the past. They believe in learning through experience and there are some memories they each will cherish for ever.

Cancer and Cancer as Friends and Lovers

So both partners will have fond memories of events in his or her past. These may, or may not have involved each other. There’s a need, therefore, for each to understand that when their partner talks about his or her past lovers, it’s not because they’re trying to compare ‘then’ with ‘now’. It’s just that past experiences including past romances have helped to form the person they are today.

Generally, this relationship could go either way depending on basic upbringing and emotional outlook. This couple will identify with each other in many ways and it shouldn’t really take very much effort for either to put themselves in their partner’s shoes, whenever a disagreement arises.   On comparing two people born under the same sun sign, each can be quite moody. They’re both ruled by the moon and this can make them very changeable. Even so, they’re both sensitive, romantic, sentimental and kind. There is a basic understanding between them and as long as things don’t get too emotional, this is a relationship which will stand the test of time.

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