Edgar Cayce and His Beautiful Vision – The Man Who Left Thousands of Past Life and Medical Records

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Edgar Cayce was born on 18 March 1877 on a farm near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The young Edgar was visited by a beautiful vision who offered to grant him one wish. His request was that he would like to be of help to people especially those who were sick. AS a result of this humanitarian wish, Edgar Cayce was able, throughout his lifetime, to offer immense benefit to others through his fascinating revelations.

Edgar Cayce and Hypnosis

However, it was not until after he’d left school and was working as an insurance salesman that the full extent of his wonderful capabilities was realised. Having lost his voice through laryngitis, Cayce agreed one day to have the condition treated by a travelling hypnotist called Hart. Whilst under hypnosis, Cayce’s voice returned to normal, though only to disappear again when he regained consciousness. However another hypnotist called Laybe suggested an experiment: that under hypnosis Cayce should diagnose his own condition. This uneducated son of a farmer did indeed offer a detailed medical diagnosis, suggesting a cure for the condition.

Further experiments proved that Edgar Cayce was also, whilst under hypnosis, able to diagnose and treat other people’s illnesses and for a major pat of his life Cayce dealt with thousands of medical problems in this manner.

Edgar Cayce and Astrology

In October 1923 an Ohio printer called Arthur Lammers who had an interest in astrology asked if Cayce would go into a trance to discuss his horoscope. Cayce agreed and, under hypnosis, stated that astrology as then practised did, in fact have some validity. He then enlightened the printer further by telling him that he was once a monk and, on further questioning, admitted that he had been referring to reincarnation.

Cayce was disturbed to find himself referring to the previous incarnations of other people but after much study and searching of the scriptures, he reconciled himself to the concept of rebirth and from then on was able to give thousands of “life” readings. These focused on the influences of past lives in direct bearing to the present one, as distinguished from the “physical” readings which dealt with medical problems.

Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation

Reincarnation, according to Cayce, is governed by the law of Karma. Evil has to be expiated and good returned in more richly fulfilling lives.

It might be of interest to take note of his words of advice to one of his patients: “Condemn not, then, that you be not condemned. For indeed, with what measure you mete it shall be measured to you, and what you condemn in another, that you become in yourself.”


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