Lose body fat with this easy weight loss guide

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If you want to lose body fat and are looking for a healthy weight loss guide, I encourage you to read on.  I have personally tried tons of weight loss programs including dietary supplements but nothing actually worked for me.  I even joined a gym with my friend.  We worked out three times a week but I only came down to 145 pounds, and as soon as I stopped working out for a week or skipped a session here or there, I went back up to my original weight.

While studying to become a Massage Therapist and Holistic Healer, I did some extensive research on our metabolism.  And I would like to share what I had learned and found out.  It helped me go from 172 pounds down to 130 pounds in about 6 months and keeping it off.

The key is to not get into a routine with your dieting plan.  You will only get short-term results and not long-term ones.  You need to eat between 5 to 6 times per day.  Three days out of the week you will appoint low-calorie days, the rest will be normal eating days.  For instance, take Monday, Wednesday and Friday for your low calorie days.  But don’t worry, you don’t need to starve yourself.  You still need to eat at least 5 to 6 times per day to keep your metabolism going.  Everyday you are required to drink about 3 liters of pure water.  Water is important for the proper functioning of every cell.  It helps tighten lose skin and it speeds up our metabolism.  Another drink that you want to add to your daily fluid intake is unsweetened green tea.  Its natural properties automatically help you lose body fat.

Let’s start with Monday.  Green Tea for breakfast.  Wait about 20 min and then eat a fruit or a yoghurt.  Two hours later, have another low-calorie snack, maybe some crackers, or maybe another fruit.  At lunch time eat a salad with a lean piece of meat or fish.  The salad dressing should be healthy olive oil with vinegar and salad spices.  Have an afternoon snack around 2 or 3pm such as a yoghurt or some melon, anything light.  Then have another snack around 5pm, or have dinner at around 6pm, light snack again maybe around 8pm.  But wait a good two hours before going to bed after your last bigger meal.  Make sure that you don’t drink your 3 liters of water and your green tea with your meals.  You can sip on your drinks but if you drink too much fluids with the food, you will slow down your digestion.  Just make sure you always eat something little when you feel hungry as long as it is naturally low fat. Hunger is a sign that your metabolism is kicking into a low gear, not working that well anymore.

Repeat these steps for Wednesday and Friday.

On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, you will eat 5 to 6 times but you will eat more.  You will still try to avoid heavy meals such as steak with baked potatoes and sourcream and a huge ice cream desert.  It is important that you make these days average to high calorie days.  By alternating one day low calorie and the next day high calorie, your metabolism gets confused and cannot build a regimen.  And when it thinks that today is high calorie day, needing to burn extra calories, it is actually low calorie day, and it starts burning excessive fat.

Now if you add a bit of activity to your healthy weight loss guidance, you will have a muscular system with a healthy blood circulation.  Get on your bike and ride it for an hour, or dance to your favorite music.  Put on your rollerblades.  Be creative.  The more sports you do, the better you will feel about yourself too.  But to not confuse you.  It is not a must to be successful with this healthy weight loss guidance.  It is a plus though, and if you can, I would implement it into your program.

This easy weight loss guidance is healthy as it forces you to eat lots of healthy snacks.  Eating 5-6 times a day improves dietary functions because at least 3 meals are light meals.  But be patient.  The body has to get used to these new eating habits. Don’t expect to lose 10 pounds right the first two weeks.  For that reason, don’t step on your scale everyday.  You don’t want to lose weight rightaway.  You want to lose fat, and fat is lighter than muscle.  A little tip.  Exercising builds muscle, and muscle burns excessive fat.  If you can motivate yourself, improve the health of your muscle, because they are the fighting force against the evil fat.

And once you have reached your ideal weight, keep it up with those alternating days but you can add more tolerable foods such as ice cream or cakes or sugar drinks.  Since you are alternating, your metabolism will still be in 5th gear and constantly burning excessive calories.  The key is plenty of water, 5 to 6 meals per day, and maybe some activities for your muscles and your heart.

If you follow this plan, you will not only lose body fat, but will feel better about yourself and become and stay healthier.


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