Hypnotic Regression the Key to Past Lives? – A Look at Past Lives Remembered through Hypnosis

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The possibility that people have lived before offers a whole new angle as to the reason for being. As unbelievable as the concept of past lives may seem, experiments by psychologists lead to the possibility that people carry subconscious memories of past lives. And through hypnosis can be taken back in time. Morey Berstein’s book The Search for Bridey Murphy sold over a million copies and was published in more than thirty countries. Berstein, in a hypnotic experiment, took a young woman called Virginia Tighe, from Colorado back in time until before her present existence.

Past Lives Remembered Examples

The year was 1806 and throughout a number of tape-recorded sessions Ruth related the life story of the person she’d been in her past life; a young Irish girl called Bridey Murphy. She’d lived in Cork with her mother Kathleen, her barrister father and a brother. She later married and went to live in Belfast and died at the age of sixty-two. She then claimed that after her bodily death, she existed in the spirit world for forty years before she was born again in 1923. Newspaper reporters travelled to Ireland to investigate whether a red-headed woman called Bridey Murphy had existed and it was later confirmed that a number of Bridey Murphy’s statements did concur with fact and Virginia, who had never been to Ireland, had no normally accepted way of knowing these things.

At least that was what was first thought. Then one paper the Chicago American found a 20th century Bridie Murphey Corkell who lived in a house across the street where a Virginia Tighe grew up and it became apparent that these could have been memories of her early childhood. Even so there are flaws in this theory too so this explanation has proved unsatisfactory for many people and the Bridey Murphy case continues as an intriguing mystery. Had Ruth Simmons gone back in time to a previous lifetime? Her story is not, in fact a unique tale. The Bloxham tapes contain what is, perhaps some of the most startling evidence for past lives.

The Bloxham Tapes

Arnall Bloxham began doing past-life regressions when a man who was a hypochondriac came to him for help. The man was subjswequently hypnotised a number of times until he was finally convinced that the ailments he suffered were all in his mind. However, he still had a problem; the man was absolutely terrified of dying. In order to cure him of this fear, Bloxham regressed him under hypnosis to a past life to prive that since he’d lived before, he’d live again!

This worked and since then Bloxham has tape-recorded hundreds of past-life regressions. When these memories are backed by historical evidence, the case becomes even more intriguing but a Welsh housewife, Jane Evans, whilst under hypnosis made a claim which historians did not at first accept only they were later proved to be wrong.

 Research into Hypnotic Regression

Research into hypnotic regression offers the possibility for people to consider that the lives they lead might not be their first or their last. People may have been through a number of other existences, both as men and women of many different races. Under hypnotic regression people have described their present lives to be “challenges” or “tests”; challenges which were actually chosen before birth, perhaps as ameans of paying of Karmic Debts. In the book Many Mansions: The edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation, Dr Gina Cerminara explores psychic Edgar Cayce’s attempt to answer the question: why do men suffer through reincarnation theories and the connection Cayce made (through hypnosis) with the people he worked with.

Edgar Cacye, when in a hypnotic trance demonstrated remarkable powers including seeing people’s past lives which have never since been equalled by any other person.


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