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Our Earth is a technologically advanced yet badly damaged and suffering planet. We have as a whole been more concerned with the latest and greatest inventions and ideas than with the health of our planet and this is why we have probably all noticed more recently, one ever growing and popular trend known as “Going Green”.

There has been a lot of talk lately about going green. You can learn about going green on the news, in a magazine, in the paper and especially online. Huge sites like yahoo even have their own green living sections and there are constant banner ads on just about every online community about green products. The green movement is definitely becoming more mainstream. What used to be viewed as hippy, tree hugger or leftist propaganda and ideology is now seen globally as a commonplace necessity.

There is definitely a much higher global demand for green products and services. More and more websites and blogs are reviewing, endorsing and selling green products and you can even find green products in stores and on online marketplace websites. Online shopping is becoming so popular that a completely Green online auction site and marketplace is long over due. Just last week such a website was unveiled and opened for business. Appropriately named Go Green Auctions, this new green product haven gives people as well as small and large companies and businesses the option to promote and sell their products to a targeted or niche market. Consumers can now go to one place and easily find the green products that they are looking for, rather than having to weed through thousands of listings on larger marketplace sites. You can find Green, Organic, Biodegradable and Used or Recycled products in dozens of categories throughout the site.

Go Green Auctions donates a portion of all sales to Green causes and charities. You can join free, list items for free and you will even get a $5 account credit just for signing up. It is obvious this site was created to make a difference rather than a profit. So far Go Green Auctions is getting a ton of traffic and a very positive response. It looks as if it is going to change Green shopping and selling online for good and will definitely be around for years to come.


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