Why We Should Monitor What Our Children Watch

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While preparing a plate of mixed fruits for my 5 year old Daughter to snack on, I was amused to hear my Daughter saying, “Ewwwww..”. With the plate in my hand, I walked over to see what was so “Ew” only to have discovered that she was watching Highschool Musical 2 ; while the two teens were kissing. A few days before this, my Daughter and I was sitting on the couch watching Suite Life of Zack and Cody when I was forced put in a movie because of London’s erratic behavior; I didn’t want my daughter to think it was okay to be airheaded.

Maybe it’s not all of us, but having discussed this with a few different Mothers (and even Fathers), I have come to notice that not only does sex sell for the more mature audience, but it seems to be so with our younger generations. Disney Channel is not altogether inappropriate, but watching a couple of shows can definitely give you a sense of mature content.

I recommend that we all pay close attention to the entertainment our children are getting from what seems natural to them. This sort of exhibition is what our children feeds off of as they grow older. It’s their own way to discovering the world outside them and by allowing this sort of display, we’re approving them that those sort of behavior is okay.

If you have a cable box, you can set certain shows to be added onto the Parent Watch to lock those shows. Most shows run on clockwork but if not, you can also allow certain ratings to be viewed by your Children. This can only be allowed to be viewed by a passcode in which only you would know.


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