How to seduce him if you don’t know to flirt?

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There are many ways to seduce a man and they depend on the female inventiveness and intelligence. There are millions of women in the world who suffer because they don’t find the right partner. In order not to be one of them, you should consider the following advice offered by experts:

– When you go out and want to flirt, you need only 10 seconds to take a look and chose.

– Try to draw attention by a noise (using a glass, laughing louder than usual). The purpose is to be noticed by the “victim” that you put your eyes on.

– Look at him and keep your eyes on him. You can do this several times. This sign could be translated as: ‘Pay attention to me!

– After drawing his attention, slow down your eyelids and play with your hair.

– Look at him once more, go back and smile. If he finds you nice, he will come to you and start a conversation.

– While the man speaks, look him in the eyes and approve discreetly.

– The man touches slightly your arm. Look down and don’t say anything.

– Lean upon him easily. This way, you will communicate him in the same secret language: ‘I trust you.’

– Touch with your right hand his shoulder, while your lips are almost touching his cheek. This means “I want to be close to you.”

– Go back to your place and look shyly to the floor. This means:‘ I accept’.

– If you smile him and he embraces your shoulders, it means that: ‘We agree’.

– Now, it’s no need to do something. You kiss each other. The rest depends on this kiss.

– At the first date, don’t speak more than it’s needed, leave him to tell you more about his personality and way of living.

– Don’t be you the one who calls him first and in any case, don’t call him twice in the same day. The conversation mustn’t least more than 10-15 minutes.

– The end of your first date must be your initiative.


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