Hearing Loss will attack anyone

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Hearing loss is one of a symptom hearing problem which usually occurs in elderly. Hearing loss begin when the adult person achieves the age of 45 and above. It only gets worse as they get older. This hearing problem called Presbycusis. “presby” means elder and “cusis” means hearing.

This type of hearing loss usually permanent hearing loss or it’s called sensorineural hearing loss at high frequencies. The elderly need to seek someone as hearing professional who will conduct the hearing tests on them which is called audiologist. But usually the elderly did not seek any professional because they think that they will die and no need to seek any help for better hearing.

Possible consequences of untreated hearing loss are loss of independence, increased worry and anxiety, less social activity, increased depression and paranoia and increased risk of dementia (pseudo).

Impact of life and functioning to the persons who have hearing loss are they feel isolation and loneliness in their life, always denial of their hearing loss, does not realizing the impact of hearing loss on family members and others and their ease of communication is out from normal person.

Actually, it’s very important to seek any hearing professional because the elderly will have chances to hear again with the hearing aids. The hearing aids can help person to hear the clearer sounds but not the blurred sounds that normal person cannot hear too! That’s why we need to remind patients about their hearing will not become normal as their younger age with hearing aids, but hearing aids can enhance the clearer sounds. So the better life is the better management from the professional services provided and cooperation from the patients itself.


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