How to look taller and slimmer

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Just because you arent as tall as you would like or you have gained a couple of pounds ,doesnt mean you cant still be fashionable.The first rule to looking slimmer and taller is to  watch your posture and stand up straight with your shoulders back. When you stand up straight with your head held high, it will give you the look of confidence and importance. Try to avoid wearing thick, chunky belts. Wearing thick ,chunky belts can cut you in half. Stick to thin belts that mark your waistline. Try wearing skinny heels. If you aren’t comfortable wearing skinny heels, then try wedges.

Do not wear heels that are going to make you uncomfortable. Avoid wearing baggy clothes. Baggy clothes will make you appear bigger than you really are. Try wearing skinny jeans or high waist pants.High waist pants will give the appearance to a longer torso.Pants that cover your shoes will elongate your body.When your pants cover your shoes it will make your legs look longer.  Don’t be afraid try wear colors.Black is not the only option to look thinner. High waist pants will give the appearance to a longer torso. Go for the right garment because clothes that are too tight can make you appear heavier. Avoid long necklaces. A long necklace can shorten your body. When wearing earrings, try earrings that dangle rather than hoops. Work with the features that you love the most about yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin. A little confidence can go a long way.


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