The amazing healing powers of LaStone Therapy

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Eventhough LaStone Therapy might be one of the newer therapies available to us, fact is that it is based on very ancient and valuable therapies known in history.  It is a technique that was developed in modern times through the knowledge, experience and wisdom of ancient times.  The Incas, ancient Chinese and Egyptians had already used stones in ceremonies and treatments.

LaStone Therapy is the contrast, involving two extremes, heated basalt rocks and chilled marble rocks.  They are two extremes creating harmony often described in Yin Yang, such as male and female, black and white, cold and hot, happy and sad.  But this amazing therapy doesn’t just involve the application of hot basalt rocks and chilled marble stones, also known as Geothermotherapy.  It also involves Massage and Energy work.  Each of these three important factors and the role they play is explained further to understand LaStone Therapy as a whole, a complete circle.

Geothermotherapy actually describes the healing through cold and hot temperatures with the help of rocks. The application of alternating hot and chilled temperatures actually dates back to Hippocates, approximately 500-400 BC.  Thermotherapy, involving alternative temperatures gained massive popularity through Sebastian Kneipp, who introduced Kneipp therapy or also known as hydrotherapy.  He was a great believer in the powers of water.  He was the first practitioner, who used hot and cold water to increase the body’s circulation for optimum healing.

Massage can be dated back to times before history was even recorded. It is believed that massage started in India through the teachings of Ayurveda.  There were physicians in old Greece and Rome who applied the knowledge of Massage.  They knew that massage would losen tight muscles and help strengthen weak muscles.  Today it is a known fact that a general Swedish massage will increase circulation and lymph flow, remove toxins and give a feeling of overall wellness.  More advanced techniques will even remove or break down adhesions and scar tissue and even out body structure.

Energy Work has been the work of many ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indians.  It is believed that we have energy pathways flowing through our body.  If one of the meridians show an area of congestion, the body could experience that as a physical or emotional pain, sometimes even an ailment.  It is negative emotions, nutritional choices and bad lifestyle choices that can affect the proper functioning of our energy system.

Mother Earth came about as a result of all the given forces working together.  LaStone Therapy is for once understanding how powerful Mother Earh is and to use its capacity to bring upon healing to our body and soul.  The application of hot and chilled stones, combined with massage and energy work will induce a very deep level of relaxation, guiding your body through different levels of healing.  It is a form of therapy with absolutely amazing healing powers.

Discover your body through the healing powers of Mother Nature and Ancient Wisdom.


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