How to paint paneling

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Start by making sure the walls are clean.  Take a damp rag and wipe them down.  This will clear and cobwebs, and also show you if there is any dirt.  You want to make sure the walls are clean.  It’s very important so that the primer will stick to the walls.

Purchase yourself a good primer.  You want to make sure the brand is well known for really adhering to the walls.  You can check with your local hardware store and tell them exactly what you are using it for.  I purchased the gripper from home depot, and it seemed to work well.

Once the walls are cleaned, you can start to paint on the primer.  You want to cover the walls and also get the grooves in between the paneling.  I found it easier to first use a paintbrush, and then use a roller over top of it.  Once there is one coat on the walls, step back and look.  If you are going with a dark color, chances are you won’t need another coat.  If you are going to paint it over with a light coat, then I highly recommend putting on an additional coat of primer.  Primer will be cheaper then having to use 3-4 coats of paint.

Let the primer dry for 24 hours.

Next, paint the wall with your color of your choice.  You will need to get in between the paneling with a paintbrush in the same way you did with the primer.  Good luck!


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