Comparing Two Top Bangkok Accommodation Options

Bangkok is locally known as the city of angels and is one of the most favorite tourist destinations around the world. This capital city has now become a fascinating traveling place for people of South East Asia. The versatility of Bangkok is due to its traditions and modernism that it has maintained over the years.

When people come to Bangkok, many of them prefer to stay in the luxurious Bangkok hotels. These hotels don’t only provide world class facilities but also offer a chance of living in rooms having traditional touch. Though the comfort level in these hotels is unmatchable but Bangkok serviced apartments are preferred by those interested in long-term stay.

Bangkok apartments and Bangkok hotels have always offered unique facilities to their customers. But, hotels are quite expensive for people who want to stay for a longer period of time. To get a clearer picture, let’s draw a contrast between Bangkok apartments and Bangkok hotels.

•    The first thing is that the online booking of many Bangkok hotels is fast but it is not secure. On the other hand, online booking of Bangkok apartments is fast and secure.

•    The facilities provided by the hotels and apartments are equally good but the major difference is that hotels are more expensive than apartments.

•    The apartments are available in different categories and are suitable for all types of visitors with different types of budgets. The 1room apartment is available in different sizes and that’s a wonderful thing for sure.

•    A great plus about Bangkok apartments is that they provide a homey feeling. You will not get a cramped up feeling in an apartment which is one of the major reason why people now prefer apartments over hotels.

•    Rates in hotels go up with a change in location. But, the rates of apartments close to the big shopping malls are also affordable.

•    Another appreciative fact about staying in an apartment is the foolproof security that they provide. Unfortunately many hotels have not lived up to the expectations of people. A large percentage of tourists have shown a lot of dissatisfaction about security of their possessions in hotels. Security of people and their luggage has to be maintained by the hotels otherwise they would lose customers quickly.

•    Finally, the traditions of Bangkok can be enjoyed while staying in apartments as they depict amazing designing, architecture and art associated with Thai culture.

Overall Bangkok hotels and Bangkok apartments have added a lot of flair to the world’s most beautiful traditional place and one has to say well done to them. But, if you are looking for better option, you should go through this comparison once again. is a right place to visit to find better Bangkok accommodation. It allows people to compare prices of different Bangkok serviced apartments and helps them to find a perfect place to stay in Bangkok. The site can also be visited to find serviced offices.

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