Adding a ‘Digg This’ Button to Your Pages, Website or Blog

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Digg is a very popular internet website where people can share notable news stories and articles, and the most popularly read entries are voted up by Digg readers. The more popularly voted the page becomes, the more attention it gets by other readers of the site, and the more it will be circulated and shared with other readers throughout the internet. The free service that Digg provides has several advantages when you are actively searching for people to read something that you’ve written, or if you have pages for which you’d like to gain extra attention. Learn how to include a ‘Digg This’ button to help spur the popularity for your pages, articles and blog. 

Go to and check the links at the bottom of the page for ‘Digg Tools & API.’ Click ‘Integrate Digg Buttons’.  An even easier way to get there is by clicking this link .

Decide if you would like your readers to have the option to submit a page to Digg, simply Digg a current (already submitted page) to vote up, or create a custom Digg button including your own image or text. (Note: the Digg to vote up also includes Digg count on the integrated page button.)

Instructions are provided from there depending on what option you choose. Offering readers an option to ‘Digg This’ will most certainly increase the popularity of your website or blog.  Additionally, you may find that it is easier to incorporate this option for your own common submissions to Digg.


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