Making a non-alcoholic spiced punch for special occasions

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When a special occasion rolls around, there are so many choices and recipes for fun drinks and cocktails.  It is easy to just go out to your local supermarket and purchase something already made.  It’s much more fun, however to get together with the family and mix your own fun holiday and party drinks.  Many drink recipes call for alcohol to make. Here’s a tasty and spicy addition to your party drink list that’s super easy to make.  It is non-alcoholic so even the kids can help make it, and enjoy drinking it as well. Ingredients can be modified to suit your preference. Get creative and mix it up to make wonderful non-alcoholic drink choices for any special occasion including Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.

Non-Alcoholic Spiced Cranberry Punch
You will need the following ingredients to mix this fun drink:
cranberry juice
cinnamon sticks

Pour 4 cups of cranberry juice into a pan.  Turn heat on low.

Stir honey (to taste) into the pan until it dissolves and the juice is warm.  Be sure to keep the heat low so as not to burn or boil.

Season to taste with nutmeg.  Serve in a cup with a cinnamon stick.

This recipe makes servings for 8 people.  Enjoy it for the holidays, or mix it up for a fun birthday punch for the kids.


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