Written that generate a lot of money.

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Perhaps you are thinking that the title is a hook to click on something that is not what it promises, or is not what you expect. 

Maybe yes. 

Think I’m ready or I’m a phoney. 

I do not know. 

But today I write for pleasure. 

I want to pull your attention and stop a moment in your life and ask yourself: Are you doing the right thing? 

Today I’ve noticed that not at all, there are things I’ve done without expecting anything in return, and look it surprised me!

I have written for the interest and passion for love and help with any others who are just beginning or are unable to find an answer to their own questions, a window for the air to dispel their doubts, to find a door open or a new opportunity to their problems. 

I have written for money. I do not regret it also taught me many things, so, Who does not? Now everything concerns about money, not pennies dirt nor make me happier or sadder. 

Today I write for love, for honor, for being better. Maybe I’ve always done, although I have deviated.

Economic necessity may be. 

The desire for wealth as well. 

But I do not need anything, even i need this, i have my work and  my own business out of her. I live very well, I would say excellent, with happiness, health, love and many friends, my mother and brother.

The desire for money has no limit, as the desire of power. Hence many patients, such as politicians, or writers like many geniuses. 

Values, human values and all that it holds. 

That is what goes. 

Today I have written to me


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