Again more of my Favorite Movies

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Fast times at Ridgemont High, Hot Shot part Deux, Airplane II, Heaven can Wait, For Pete’s Sake, Night of the Living Dead, Brubaker, Jaws II, Poltegiest, Jacob the Liar, A Beautiful Mind, Life is Beautiful, The Matrix, Commando, White Lightning, Hooper, Carrie, Five Easy Pieces, Modern Times, Funny Lady, Fletch, Executive Decision, Catwoman, Hang em High, The Gaunlet, Jurasic Park, Gorky Park, The Shinning, The Two Jakes, Cactus Flower, The Owl & The Pussycat, Where’s Papa, Where Eagles Dare, Vanishing Point, Dodgeball, The Monsters ball, From Dusk till Dawn, A Fish Called Wanda, Police Academy II, Support Your Local Gunfighter, Red Dawn, The Princess Bride, Dune, Working Girl, Uptown Saturday Night, The Raven, Psycho, Hair, Grease, Our Man Flynt, The Carrie Treatment, From Russia with Love, Godfather II, Cape Fear, Roxanne, Navy Seals, With Six You get Eggroll, Brians Song, Love Story, Firefox, Scary Movie II, Pete N Tilly, McQ, The Cowboys, Space Cowboys, Space Truckers, Hoosiers, Austin Powers, Heart Conditon, Brewsters Millions, Hear No Evil  See No Evil, Troy, Gangs of New York, New York- New York, Sleepless In Seattle, Slap Shot, Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke, Johnny Handsome, Mississippi Burning, Risky Business, Of Mice and Men, Slingblade, The Color of Money, Rainman, The Hustler, The Omen, Gentlemans Agreement, Billy Jack, Scrooged, The Seven Year Itch, A.I., Toys. Ace Ventura-Pet Detective, Goldfinger, Kung Fu Hustle, Rush Hour, the Eiger Sanction. Airport,the Green Slime, Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger, Nuts, Hamburger, Beer, Shampoo, the Shining, the Guns of Navarone, the Name of the Rose, Scream, Kentucky Fried Movie, the Elephant Man, Bite the Bullet, Rambo.


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