How To Get Your Writing The Exposure It Deserves- For Free!

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You’ve written a blog, article, or some other piece of information and posted it on the internet. Naturally, you want as many people to see it as possible. Perhaps you’ve got adverts on there, or maybe you just want to spread a message to the world. Either way, you need to know how to get your work the exposure it deserves, and this piece of work will show you how to do it, without costing a penny.

Principle one: Success breeds success.

The returns you get for publicising your articles are exponential. This means the more effort you put in; the more you will get out. At first, you’ll find that a little effort gets you nowhere, but then more effort gives you results, and a little effort after that you win a Google first page place.

The reason for this is that the single most powerful tool for getting your work spread exposed is exposure. The more people who see it, the more people post links to their friends, add your work to link sites, and generally pass it on. This ‘word of mouse’ advertising is the most powerful tool you have, and all you can do is try to start the ball rolling and then watch the avalanche.

Principle two: Decide what you are writing for.

How is this piece going to obtain exposure? If you’re going to use link sharing sites then you need to make sure that the work is very well written, flows easily, grabs the readers attention and maintains it, but most of all leaves them wanting to share it with others. This will ensure your work is ranked up and spread around the community.

Search engines are a different matter. Using items such as google’s keyword tool, you need to identify key phrases and words, then use them as much as possible in your work (More details are available at the article in the previous hyperlink). This is known as search engine optimization, or SEO. It often means you need to degrade the quality of your writing somewhat- but remember, poorly written work will just be ignored, and if your name becomes associated with shoddy writing, people will avoid your articles in the future.

Principle three: File sharing sites.

Sites such as Fark, Reddit, Stumble and Digg are known as link sharing sites, or linking sites. They do what they say on the tin. Users post interesting links in appropriate categories, and if other users think that they are good, they score the work up and it gets more exposure on the site, so more people look at the link and the cycle repeats.

They are a very good way of ‘kick starting’ your work, so it gets some views and exposure under its belt and becomes noticed by the search engines. For more information on using file sharing sites and also making sure you don’t violate their TOS, check this article.

Principle four: The shotgun method.

I’ve found that luck plays a massive role in getting publicity. I’ve written several pieces that I was certain would gain thousands of views a day, but then faded into nothing. Other pieces that did very well where just throw aways, little skits I wrote to keep up momentum or alleviate boredom.

To maximize your chances of success you must write often. If you’re not looking to make big money out of writing online, and it’s just for fun then this isn’t necessary. In fact it makes the occasions where a piece of your work does take off all the more special. But for the more capitalist of us, we need to make sure that lightning strikes as often as possible. The best way to do that is to keep producing work and not get put off when the fruits of our labours are spat out.

Principle five: Free advertising.

This is easier than you may think. If a friend has a website, ask if you can post a link to your work on it. Many other budding writers will also agree to a link share. This will add more traffic to your work, but remember than search engines will only count one way links when assigning rank to a website, so a link share will not help in that department.


I hope this has helped you realise how best to make sure your work reaches as many people as possible. These basic principles will ensure that you have a good grounding in getting publicity and exposure, but at the end of the day only experience and effort will bring success. Good luck.


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