How to make your own cleansing creams and lotion

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A cleansing cream or lotion is a facial care product that is used to remove make-up, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other types of pollutants from the skin of the face. It also helps to unclog pores and prevent skin problems such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and facial ringworms.
You might wonder why people just don’t go ahead and use a bar or toilet soap for their faces instead of bothering with a cleanser.Well, the reasons are that a bar soap has a higher pH value than the facial skin, in other words, it isn’t ideal for the face, and might give room to the growth of some microorganisms that could cause some skin problems like acne. Bar soaps can also clog skin pores and remove the natural oils of the face making it look flaky and aged.
Here are some easy and very efficient cleansing lotions and creams that you can make yourself with locally available natural products around you.

1.    Liquefying cleansing cream

You need:
1/3  oz. paraffin
½ cup mineral oil
½ teaspoon orange extract
2 tablespoon petroleum jelly

a. Combine mineral oil and petroleum jelly in a pan and heat slowly
B. put in the orange extract, and paraffin
C. mix together
D.leave to cool
E .apply to face with a cotton ball

2.    Oily-skin astringent

You need:
Any medicated soap
1 cup of alcohol (70%)
1 teaspoon washing soda
½ tablespoon of witch hazel

a. Grate the medicated soap
B.add the 70% alcohol into the grated soap
C.add the washing soda and grate in more soap
D. stir slowly until the soap melts
E. then add the witch hazel, stir and leave to settle
F. apply to face with a cotton ball

3.    Orange –grape cleansing lotion

You need:
3 tablespoon grape juice/orange
4 tablespoon baby oil
2 tablespoon castor oil
2 tablespoon mineral oil

a.    Add the oils together
b.    Slowly stir in the grape or orange juice
c.    Mix the content together
d.    Leave to settle
e.    Finally apply to face with cotton balls

4.    Dry –skin cleansing lotion

You need:
½ cup milk of magnesia
5 tablespoon of baby oil
4 tablespoon of orange juice
½ tablespoon of borax

a.    Mix the milk of magnesia and the baby oil
b.    Blend well
c.    Then add the orange juice and borax
d.    Use like your regular cleansing lotion

5.    quick-oat cleanser
You need:
3 teaspoon quick oat
3 tablespoon fresh milk
a.mix the oats and milk together, to form a smooth paste
B.spread on face and leave for 10minutes
C. remove with warm water

6.    black- heads remover cleansing mask
You need:
Quick oat meal
Any medicated soap
Alcohol solution
Fresh milk
Pumice powder
A.    add all ingredients together to form a smooth paste
B.    apply to wet face
C.    leave to dry for 2 minutes
D.    remove with a wash cloth

7.    Soap substitute
You need:
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon glycerin

A.    mix the whole ingredients together, mix thoroughly
B.    apply on face
C.    leave to dry
D.    remove with warm water

8.    Lemon cleansing cream
You need:
1 oz. white bees wax
4 tablespoon petroleum jelly
4 tablespoon mineral oil
2 tablespoon lanolin
2 tablespoon strained lemon juice

A.    combine wax, jelly, oil and lanolin and heat
B.    when the solution turns liquid
C.    heat the solution, then add lemon juice and benzoic acid
D.    mix well
E.    leave to cool
F.    apply as your normal cleansing cream


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