How to Choose the Right Perfume for All Occasions

When choosing a perfume, it is important to choose fragrances adapted to an environment, location, season, time, your mood and occasion (e.g. your work environment, leisure, during the day, the night, winter, summer…

What fragrances can we use at work?

Everything depends on the place where we carry out our work; there is a difference between working in an office and working in a hairdressing salon. We must consider factors like, for example:

• How long we will be facing the public: If we are facing the public it is recommendable to use a perfume that is not basic (i.e. very hard or strong) since they last for longer hours in the environment and your client might be disgusted by it.

• are we mostly outdoors or indoors: imagine what combination of aromas it will be if everyone in an office uses a strong perfume, the truth is that the outcome is always a disgusting choking smell…

What fragrances can we use in the day and in summer?

During the day, it is better to use soft, light and fresher fragrances.

Fragrances that are strong and dominant are not favorable during the summer season. The summer inspires the use of citric fragrances.

Some options that I recommended to you are:

• Fresh water of roses (Adolph Dominguez)

•  Agua De  gio (G. Armani)

• Air (Loewe)

• Clinique happy (Clinique)

They are very simple fragrances, adapted for use in the mornings or during the day.

What fragrances can we use at night and in winter?

During the night we can intensify the scent of our perfume.

Some options of suitable sweet fragrances are:

• Baby doll (Ives Saint Lauren)

• Opium (Ives Saint Lauren)

• Poison (C.dior)

• The Coco Chanel (Chanel)

• Gloria (cacharel)

New fragrances for autumn

• Twimpack edition Armani (G. Armani)

• notes (Celine Dion)

• Provocative woman (Elizabeth Arden)

• French Connection United Kingdom (FCUK)

• Luz (Victorio & Lucchino)

Aromatherapy and fragrances

Within all the fragrances there are components which determine their different sensations. Aromatherapy is the use of essences to relax, and to help us in our health and beauty. Here are some components to you.

• Amber: is a very popular aphrodisiac. It gives resistance, boldness and resolution.

• Basil: Tonifies and stimulates as effectively as coffee.

• Bergamot: Calms anxiety alleviates stress and gives security.

• Lemon:  is very powerful. It gives fast and precise reflections.

• Geranium and salvia: Sedatives and tranquilizers for anxiety.

• Jasmine: gives sense of Security in yourself, authority and boldness.

• Lavender: It tranquilizes and regulates the nervous system.

• Mint, fennel and oregano: used against stress and the undertow.

• Lily of valleys: It stimulates and gives mental vividness.

• Narcissus and carnation: They help awaken a sluggish person and give sharpness.

• Orange, mandarin and grapefruit: They release a sense of joy and give the user a good self esteem

• Apple and peach:  gives Relaxing scents that increase the receptivity and facilitate the concentration.

• Rose: helps Calm bad humor.

• Sandalwood: gives Security, is an aphrodisiac and calms uneasiness.

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