10 best tricks to lose weight

The best prescription to reclaim the waistline after having a baby is to stop being obsessive about your weight and treat yourself like a queen, thinking about the harmony between your mind and body. Three good ingredients for the success are:  a gram of intelligence, a pinch of strategy and much imagination.

1. Eat little, 5 times a day

statistics reveals that the people who maintain a suitable weight for a long period usually do not skip eaten and tend to take 5 small meals in a day instead of two large ones. When eating that way, they keep at bay, the appetite and they improve their body metabolism, because they burn calories in each digestion.

2. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day

Many people think that they are hungry when what they really feel is thirst. Besides keeping you hydrated, a glass of water before eating will make you eat less. Another advantage of drinking much water is that it prevents constipation.

3. Give in, a little

To take a bun or chips once week is not any aberration; on the contrary, those small bites can help you maintain your waist line because they avoid the sensation of total prohibition (that sensation is the one that leads to excesses).so take just a little sweets, but with caution.

4.  Count up to 10

The experts in nutrition have verified that hunger attacks last for about 10 minutes. For that reason, before you jump on that chocolate or the beef burger, give yourself 10 minutes… and leave the kitchen. In those 10 minutes, take a stroll or dedicate to some pending task. For example, re-order your closet (do something that gives you a sensation of fulfillment). If, the urge returns, and you are still hungry, take a skimmed yogurt, an apple or an herbal tea.

5.  conserve food flavor, with less empty calories
try out new light sauces (simply mixing  50% of your mayonnaise with yogurt reduces the calories by half); make yourself appetizing sandwiches with integral bread;  buy lean meat instead of fats, skimmed milk  instead of whole milk.

6. Don’t empty your plates if you eat out.

A trick to this is: to eat slowly and to speak much. Another trick: is to always begin the meals with a salad (few calories and many vitamins).

7. Avoid sugary refreshments

of  the western diet, They are one of the  greatest source of empty calories (without nutrients of any type).If you really have necessity for something sweet, chew gum or eat an apple, a yogurt with muesli or strawberries.

8. Take quality proteins

proteins from fish are great (they contain the fantastic fatty acids Omega-3, that protect your arteries and your brain); those from milk helps you to lose weight (it has been verified that, equal amount of calories, and a rich calcium diet helps to control the weight); the lean  meats contain valuable vitamins of group B.

9. do not skip breakfast

Very well it is established that the people who have breakfast have half the risk of obesity  than  those that leave the  house with no breakfast or just a cup of coffee (among others reasons, because they eat less and don’t take any bites during the day).

10. Love yourself very much and you will lose weight

think about how to treat yourself in the best way possible and be positive minded above all. This type of attitude has many more probabilities of success in the search of harmonic physical state and will help you see yourself in a better light as you shed those kilos.

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