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Have you every wondered how some folks find the golden auctions on eBay and snag that much desired item for dirt cheap? I find the treasures that are the steals of the century and I enjoy them so much. Here are a few ways to get what you want on eBay for the lowest prices you can.

Everyone looks for a good bargain, especially me. I work hard for my cash and I need to support a household with it. Yet I want to equip it with some of the more expensive stuff every one else can afford.

I have found these deals and bought them for personal use. Sometimes I grab them so I can resell them and make a nice profit for my self. Well my momma always taught me that I should share the knowledge so I am doing that.

Learn how to find the deals on eBay at the prices you want!

I have a knack of picking up expensive fiber optic angels on eBay because they are spelled wrong, do not have a clear photograph, or well a host of reasons. Sometimes I get them cheap because the seller does not really know what they are selling and I take advantage of that. Yes I was raised better but it is not stealing it is buying.

Let us take angel for example I collect them and eagerly look on eBay for them. I purchase the fiber optic angels, because they are so beautiful. I go for one brand only unless it is cute.

Sometimes I will search for these terms “fiber optic angel” but they are sure to bring up some of the more expensive ones. First I will try “fiber optic angle” that is an easy typo to make and I found an awesome fiber optic angel like this a few months back. I got it for like 12 dollars and I could have turned around and sold it on here for easily 30 bucks. I said I am a collector. Therefore, I am saying try to think ‘outside the box’ and look for those common misspellings, we all make typos.

So do not forget to add common typos into your search. There are bargains out there for all kinds of things that go unseen by the general population who are typing in only correct spellings.

Take advantage of these, because you are still putting money into the sellers’ hands and you get the item if your bid is high enough so it is a win situation for everyone.

Some folks do not have good cameras that will focus in on the item, or they do not have tons of money to pay for photos on an item that may not sell. If the item looks good in one photograph grab it if the price is within your budget and if you don’t like it pass it along or ask the seller a question.

With one auction a few weeks ago, I saw a fiber optic angel I wanted simply because I thought it was the brand I collected. So I emailed the seller and she wrote back that it was indeed ‘my brand” so I bought it for 15 bucks. The auction was listed as a pixie with a unicorn, but it was actually a fiber optic angel. Someone had given her this piece without the cord so she never even realized it was electrical or a fiber optic angel. I told her what she was selling. She then sold the others with the fiber optic title and she did well. She could have sold it for more but I am glad this angel came to live with me. She got her money and I got my angel.

If you are having trouble coming up with common misspellings of some item you are looking for, have no worries because there is help here for the rest of us.

At the end of this article, you will find links to help you find the more common typos of any item.

When you search on eBay and want something specific use quotes around it this way you will only be searching for those auctions with those items. A search term of ps3 Sony will bring you every listing with ps3 and every listing with the word Sony in it, however “ps3 Sony” will bring you only auctions with those terms together specifically Sony ps3 systems or having to do with those systems.

For the same reason if you’re a seller and want to cash in on those people who make the common typos add them to your auction at least once. I would not recommend placing a typo in the title, because it will make you look like a fool but add it to the description, and people will find you buy that.

Thank you and happy shopping!

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