Suggested readings in Science Fiction

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I have been a fan of Science Fiction for as long as I can remember and have purchased countless books by many of the genera’s greatest and even some of its lesser well known authors.

I am also a great fan of TV Shows like Star Trek and Stargate and so I have lots of novels relating to these shows in my collection. These books are a great way to get your fix of those shows while they are not on the air.

Some of my favorite stories are by an author called Harry Harrison who’s work I was introduced to by my College English Tutor ten years ago.

His work includes Short Stories and Novels and I would recommend any Science Fiction fan to get hold of a copy of The best of Harry Harrison and read some of the short stories it contains. You can even read samples of his work online at

If you like films like Blade Runner and Total Recall then you will like the work of Philip K Dick who wrote the original stories these were based on, Look for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Blade Runner)

One of my Favorite Science Fiction stories is Against the Fall of Night by Arthur C Clark. Set in the far future the story follows Alvin, the only child for many centuries born in what is believed to be the only city left on Earth as he leads a renaissance. Man is reclaiming the Earth, but evil has also returned. There is a sequel to the story Beyond the Fall of Night by Gregory Benford that continues the story but it is not as good as the original story.


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