5 Ways to Feel Good.

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1. Where did this feeling come from?

At birth we are a blank canvas, essentially we do not have a personality. This develops as we interact with the world around us and the people in it. How people treat us can tear us down. It is important to realise that everyone, young and old, has had their own life experiences and those experiences shape how they function. Where did this feeling come from? If you can identify the source and learn to critically appraise it, you may be able to leave the problem behind.

2. Take it easy on yourself.

We all live in our own little world. When our world takes a turn away from our plans, naturally it upsets us. One of the most important life skills a person can develop is the ability to jump right back up when pushed down. You will be much happier when you accept the fact that every human being on the planet has failed a thousand times over. Some things are just not meant to be and when we fail it means we are being turned a different direction. Failures are the stepping-stones to our true purpose.

3. Perfection is for robots.

Only the boring are perfect. The idea you may have in your head of what is perfect doesn’t exist. Perfection is an abstract term that does not have any definite meaning. Even if this state does exist, it is no life for anyone. Celebrate your uniqueness. Google the most successful people in the world and you will see that the majority do not have a history of straight-A’s or a first class university degree, most just about made it through high school. These people knew what they were about and weren’t afraid to utilise what they were good at.

4. Enjoy yourself.

Remember to have perspective. Try to see the funny side of a situation and don’t take yourself too seriously! Enjoying your own company will help other people get to know you too. People gravitate towards the happy and care free.

5. Keep it fresh.

Involving yourself in your community will surely result in a dramatic increase in your confidence levels. Being part of something or making a difference in the lives of others will help you see this world from another standpoint. It will also give you a sense of belonging you might not have felt before or a feeling that you are an essential contribution to something. We all need to feel that we matter. Being an active member of society will provide you will an abundant supply of interests.

As a teenager your personality is still growing. Remember that bad times and situations will not last forever, everything comes to an end. Improving your self-esteem is a long-term project, one that means getting to know yourself well and understanding what makes you tick. It is important to actively try to enjoy the journey to adulthood.


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