Trusting that Still Small Voice

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It’s not always easy, listening to our intuition. One of the reasons that people often don’t pay attention to the still, small voice within is that it will tell them to do things that counter decisions the rational mind has made.

It’s the ego-oriented mind that tells us to play it safe, go along, compromise – even when it’s not ultimately in our best interest. The ego wants to preserve what is, since the status quo is where it has anchored its identity. The ego is all about maintaining itself – often at the cost of our well-being and happiness.

The intuitive mind lives in the moment, ignores the ego’s suppositions about what is known, and occasionally acts in ways that confound egoic logic. Our intuition has access to information that the rational mind does not, which is why it can demonstrate knowledge without derivation.

If we listen to that inner voice, we may find ourselves making choices that seem illogical in the present or to the rational observer. Yet, it is the intuitive mind, tapping into universal consciousness that will take us to our ultimate happiness.

Anti-chaos theory suggests that there is no chaos – just a pattern too large for us to see close up. Intuition shows us the piece of the pattern most pertinent to us in the moment. If we have faith in our inner voice and act on the information it provides, gradually we will see the logic behind that information and the pattern into which we fit. It is only in retrospect that we will understand why it was correct to follow that hunch and trust our instincts.


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