Call Of Duty 5 Review

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War….what is it good for? Well in real life it’s a tragic waste of life, on an Xbox however, it’s great fun.

After a brief foray into the modern combat era with the last incarnation Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare the beloved Call Of Duty series returns to the conflict where it all began, WWII.

World At War is based on the American-Japanese conflict and the battle in the east between the USSR and Germany.  During the first conflict you play a US Marine, in the second you fight as a Russian conscript.  Each ‘theatre of operations’ provides the gamer with the most brutal, visceral and intense depiction of war ever seen on a games console.

When the action begins in a Japanese compound the barage of gunfire will have you diving for cover behind the sofa, and when the artillery starts falling you’ll be digging a foxhole in your livingroom floor!


The graphics are outstanding and the control system is very easy to master.  The choice of weapons is extensive, with everything from the M1 to Bazookas (the deployable MG42 was my favourite).  The missions and storyline are varied, with all aspects of combat covered including driving and destroying tanks.  I don’t have Xbox live so I can’t comment on the online aspect but the multiplayer mode is hugely playable in both co-op and versus mode.


The difficulty levels need to be tweaked, easy is too easy, and the next level up is too hard.  The game is a little too short, I would have liked it to be a bit more epic!  The age restriction should be 18 rated, the blood, gore and bad language merit it.

All in all a great game.


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