Tips for selling ebooks on eBay

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How do people profit and succeed at making money off these e-books? A quick look It seems that they sell really well, but how can you make money selling some one else’s ideas? These questions are answered within this brief article.

Granted it appears that some e-books sell great for some people but if this includes resell rights there goes the profit margin. It is the same if everyone were selling green apples the market would have too many green apples. The public would only purchase the lowest price apples. Soon everyone is buying from the cheapest seller. The cheapest seller is actually losing money because he is selling the books at a loss.

Not a good way to stay in businesses, but it is a great way to build your feedback. To tell you the truth I am not here to increase my feedback I am here to bring extra money into my house.

How can you make money and even profit by selling the e-books of other people? I see a few ways you can earn money from that and I will share those ideas.

1. You can purchase several cheap e-books, and combine them in a good price. Purchase related e-books, sell one at a few dollars, and offer the other titles as freebies with the first purchase. Here is a suggested way to have a sale, purchase one e-book for $4.95, and get three free e-books.

2. If you have the knowledge to edit e-books, combine several related topics into a huge worthwhile book. Then sell your creation at a fair price, and do not offer resale rights.

I would rather purchase cheap e-books, expand on them, and resell them at a larger profit.

I also create my own e-book files of my own ideas and sell them. I sell them for 99 cents. I know you are thinking, why someone would sell their ideas for 99 cents.

After eBay’s and pay pal cuts I am making about 33 cents an e-book file. I know it does not seem much why sell an idea for 33 cents. That is the beauty of e-book files (or any files) once they are created and saved to your computer you can sell them repeatedly.

Imagine getting 33 cents a few hundred times a week, it sure adds up. Now your idea that you took the effort to type up has paid off with some real hard cash.

Unique stuff really sells out here. Most people on eBay are in it for selling quickly and have the money flowing in on a steady basis. They want turn around sales that generate profits repeatedly. Any kind of e-book files can and will do this if created correctly. You need to list your e-books correctly, so go ahead, and read my own title “why the 99 cent auctions are better then the penny auctions.”


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