Simple Solutions for Treating Acne and Pimples

Acne is embarrasing and sometimes will lead to serious damage on our face. The only way to prevent this is self-care. But sometimes, when acne causes our face to swell, we might need some good alternatives to clear the damage.

  • Pop it Gently. Others would tell you to stop squeezing your pimples, but that is ridiculous. Everyone loves to poke acne, no one can stop them. Of course, once you pop the pimple, bacteria will spread and causes other parts of the skin to bear acne too. But popping it with care will stop that. Before popping, wash your hands first. Dab the skin with disinfectant before and after. As a result, bacterias will die eventually.
  • Lessen your makeup. Although cosmetic manufacturers made some goodies that say it wouldn’t cause acne, some would still develop skin irritation. Minimizing the use of cosmetics will lessen the blemishes on your face. Try experimenting which cosmetics are good for you. I would recommend products that are liquid-based rather than oil-based/ It pays to check the label.
  • Minimize touching your face. Excessive contacts of hands to face is one major reason why your face bears blemishes. We keep using our hands for doing stuffs and we don’t know if our hands are contaminated with germs. At least, keep your hands clean and bring hand sanitizer always.
  • Apply warm water. Applying warm water to your face will open pores that contains dead skin cells and oil. It will help you to force out this agent. This method may or may not stop the aggrevation of acne. If it gets worse, stop applying the warm water application.
  • Eat more fibers. What do vegetarians have in common? They are blemish free. Although it was not yet proven that eating fiber a lot will stop causing acne, still there is a reason to take more fibers as it is very good and healthy for our body.
  • Get some drugs. There are medicines over the counter that offers acne treatment. If you’re going to check their labels, you might notice that they have familiar active ingredients.: benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, salicylic acid and sulfur-resorcinol. Be aware, try these products and check which one you would be mre comfortable on to. If it cause your face to develop irritation, stop using it right away.

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