The Park

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            After kindergarten, The Kind One would take me to the park. I loved the park: I could run and play, get on the merry-go-round, climb the monkey-bars, play with all of the others. It was wonderful. There were so many there with whom I could have fun.

            I loved Mummy for taking me there every day.

            I was happy.

            Amy and I were playing. She wanted me to push her on the swing, to get her started. I got on the swing next to her. We laughed and sang songs and let the sunshine warm us. Amy was funny-and she always had good stories to tell.

            The Kind One came from the bench. “Who’s this, Sweetheart?”

            “This is Amy, Mummy.”

            She smiled at her. Her smile glowed. “Hi, Amy. I’m Chad’s Mommy. Do you want an apple?”

            Amy was very shy: she looked down at her skirt and played with her hair.

            “It’s okay, Amy, this is my Mummy.”

            Amy looked up at her and smiled. She began to cry. I didn’t know why.

            “Where is your mommy, Darling?”

            She held the leg of The Kind One. “She’s at home, with Daddy.”

            “Can they see you, Darling?”

            “No. I go home all the time, but they don’t see me, not no more.” She began to weep inconsolably.

            The Kind One put her knees to the ground and kissed my friend. She gently put her fingers through Amy’s long brown hair. She gently stroked Amy’s face, wiping away her tears. “Baby, look at me. Darling, look at me.”

            “Baby, the next time you see the light, go into it.” She held her. 

            “But I’m afraid.”

            ”Don’t be afraid, Sweetheart. The people there love you. Do you believe me, Honey?”

            Amy looked at Mummy. She touched her face, then, she hugged her. She liked Mummy.

            I was sad that my friend was going to leave me. Mummy was right about these things-but I was still sad to see my friend go away. Amy kissed Mummy, then she kissed me-I thought it was icky, but it was nice, too.

            She went away. The light was very bright.

            The Kind One took my hand, and she led me home.    


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