Ask Jeeves Search Engine is Back – relaunches as Ask Jeeves in the UK

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Three years after being dropped, Ask is reintroducing P.G. Woodhouse’s all-knowing butler as the brand name of

Jeeves is Back

Jeeves was the virtual mascot for the search engine from 1996 until 2006 when the butler and the Ask Jeeves name was dropped.

Ask Jeeves was a perfect web tool for finding answers. Times have changed since Ask put the butler into semi-retirement. In 2006, some of the key searches on according to Ask, were for “private school fees”, “fake tans” and “flight upgrades.”

With his re-launch coinciding with the credit crunch, Jeeves might now help people find brilliant deals and save money.

Ask Search Engine and Jeeves

The new Ask Jeeves campaign is a result of a poll of  more than 2,0000 UK adults that found 83% of UK consumers still identified with the search engine “Ask Jeeves” and his butler character. Feedback suggested the butler inspired positive feelings and people strongly associated Jeeves with providing answers.

It was also found that people see Jeeves as approachable, trustworthy and above all, helpful. Ask have great plans for the butler, intending that he will be seen everywhere, being used as an avatar where people might dress him up and feel as if they “own him.”

Jeeves Search Engine

A trendier Ask Jeeves is being reintroduced to the search engine’s branding and advertising makeover. His sensational new-look site features a “Question of the Day” and enhancements made to the site mean he is even better at answering questions than before.

The three main areas of the site that have undergone improvement are: the speed, the look and the relevancy of the search results. The familiar butler’s aim is to give users the answers they need for the lives they lead and Jeeve’s role is to offer answers in a more human way.

Jeeves on Twitter and Facebook

As part of the relaunch, Jeeves has been given a Twitter and Facebook account (where he already has almost four hundred followers). The latter will contain a travel diary and pictures of where he has been in his three year absence.

 Ask Jeeves for Kids allows users to ask a question in plain English, confirms the question and then takes them to the web site that answers the question.

 So, what are you waiting for? Ask Jeevessomething today!


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