How to Earn Hundreds of Dollars from Focus Groups

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Focus groups offer easy money for people who can give up an hour or two every once in a while. You can easily earn fifty dollars, a hundred, or even more per mont by attending focus groups.

In cities around the world, big companies recruit people to come into their offices to give opinions on new product ideas, television shows, or cell phone designs. They pay people in exchange for their time and opinions.

Where do you find out about focus groups? Craigslist provides listings for focus groups in the Jobs ETC section, at the bottom of the job listings column on Craigslist. Simply go there, see if anything appeals to you, and do whatever is required in the listing.

Focus groups are conducted most often in big cities but smaller cities also have them.If you happen to be traveling to a big city, try and get a focus ggroup while you are there. Then sign up to their mailing list so you can come back time and time again.

The nice thing about attending focus groups is that you get to see some the next-generation cell phones and music devices before anyone else. This alone is worth going because you get a heads-up about what will soon be the latest fad or hit product.

If you need extra money, and who doesn’t, you should consider signing up to attend focus groups in your area. Focus groups can be lots of fun and you earn money just for giving your opinion. Many people give their opinion and never get anything in return.


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