Another Susan Boyle?

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Kevin Skinner was first judged by his looks and then shocked the judges of America’s Got TalentDavid Hasselhoff,Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan, with his talent. Kevin is described as an aww-shucks-type unemployed farmer with rumpled clothes and the skin of a man who’s worked outdoors for years.

He came out on stage tonight on America’s Got Talent, and as usual, the judges…well, judged him.

Kevin came out as the last audition of the day. He’s from KY with a deep southern drawl, Skinner didn’t have the Hollywood look that some of the other America’s Got Talent contestants do. Kevin Skinner was dressed plainly, baseball cap on backwards, and wielded a guitar.

But the moment Kevin Skinner began to play If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks, everyone knew he was the truth. After a few notes, The Hoff sat back in his chair and said, “wow.” Needless to say he moved on to the second round.

As soon as the show ended the net went wild with searches for the video and pictures Kevin Skinner on America’s Got Talent, andit’s here.

*web photo/ nbc video


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