Is Michael Jackson, Gay, Straight, Or Bisexual?

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The mainstream news organizations have published articles about Michael Jackson’s confusion over his racial identity,  finances, and the incendiary child abuse allegations.

However, I have not read one article from a major news organization that challenges whether Michael Jackson was gay, bisexual, or straight?

Why is there reticence to discuss whether or not Michael Jackson was gay?

Michael Jackson may have been it would make a lot of sense explaining why Jackson was such an unhappy, mentally ill, and a tortured man.

Why is Jackson’s sexuality still taboo anyway?

It appears the issue of homosexuality  is considered out of bounds yet his finances, children, marriages, and plastic surgery is palatable to discuss.

Some people claim it doesn’t matter, but actually it does matter, Michael Jackson was a black gay man.

Michael Jackson  was obviously a very lonely, depressed, and complex man.

It is so tragic that Jackson destroyed his looks because he hated being black.

Michael Jackson was once a very attractive and masculine black man and he died looking like a complete freak of nature.

He was effeminate with the high pitch girlish voice, the straight hair,  makeup, and red lipstick.

What kind of a man wears makeup? Also didn’t Michael Jackson also wear high heel shoes?

Michael was an androgynous person, a cross between half man and half woman.

Michael’s ex wife  Lisa Marie Presley claims they “consummated” their weird marriage, but it just seems odd she

married Jackson in the first place?

The controversy surrounding Michael Jackson’s children is also bizarre.

Why would a so called “heterosexual man” not want to have sex with a woman to have his children?

Most  heterosexual man would never  “pay” a woman to have a child unless the man had fertility problems.

Everyone knows Michael hated being black,  that’s the reason why he used the sperm of a white male.

Michael was obsessed with European features because he had low self esteem.

I suspect Michael wasn’t interested in having sex with women because he was  a closeted homosexual.

In the early 1990 Michael’s younger sister Latoya said Michael was a homosexual and I agree.

Jackson is similar to Luther Vandross another African American gay singer he hid his sexual orientation because he feared he would lose the black audience.

Michael Jackson’s fan base was much larger then Vandross and he crossed the racial divide.

Perhaps the reason Jackson remained in the closet is because he feared more negativity from the media?

I do not believe Michael Jackson was a pedophile because he was acquitted of sexually molesting young boys.

However, I do believe Jackson was a closeted homosexual and he had to suppress his homosexual desires in fear of retribution from society.


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