Painting with Kids

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Why buy paint when you can easily make your own.  I posted this recipe two years ago on my blog and it received a great response and some excellent feedback.

You will need;



Food Colouring




1. Mix small amount of flour and water, mix until you have a smooth paste.

2. Continue to add water until you have the right consistency.  For example for finger painting you will need a thicker paint than standard paintbrush painting.

Sponge Painting

Use a sponge and paint to make patterns and effects, this is good for display work ie for a sky or jungle scene. This technique is also great for covering large areas.  Full painting pinnys recommended!

CD Painting

Take an old cd and paint the shiny side, press it onto paper to make a cd print.

Comb Painting

Pop a dollop of paint onto a piece of paper (thick paint works best) and drag the comb along the paper to make a comb effect.  This one is great for making rainbows.

Straw Painting

Take some runny paint and put a bit on the paper take your straw and blow the paint to make a pattern.

Splatter Painting

Laden your brush with plenty of fairly runny paint  then flick the brush so you make a speckled effect on the paper. This one is good for firework pictures, especially if you use black paper.

Stamp Painting

Use ready-made foam stamps or make your own by carving shapes into potato halves.  Dip in the paint and stamp away – thick paint works best.


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