Space Chimps Review

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When I watch 3D animation now, it seems to me that the producers, directors… the people involved in Hollywood /blockbuster are not only entertaining people for commercial purposes or simply creating a fantasy world for dreamers (like myself ) but they themselves dream of a world where animals could think, talk and do the things human being does and delight in it.

In Space Chimps, three chimps are involved in a mission in outer space to recover one of the expensive satellite probe which got sucked through a black hole. I’m amazed with one thing here is that the chimps are presented as knowledgeable fellows who are already used in dealing with human affairs rather than wild animals who have just been captured and need training.

One is Luna the headed level beautiful chimps who takes her mission seriously, the other one is titan who plays the macho man, mature and sure of himself and the youngest , Ham III whose grand dad was already an “ape-stronaut”.

Being involved in the show business, Ham III is a cool guy who handles matters in a more relaxed way compared to his two apes mates. He is a bit reluctant to be part of the mission but will nevertheless comply and will continue to behave in an entertaining manner while performing well in space.

During the trip their spaceship also gets caught by the black hole and they land on the same planet where the lost space probe crashed.

There the dictator Zartog rules everyone and promises to dip them into a kind chemical liquid which freezes anyone who comes into contact with it in case they disobey him.

The chimps, clever than we think will unveil their “savoir faire”, defeat Zartog and bring the space ship back to earth safely.

Titan the macho chimps uses his witty spirit to fool Zartog and avoid the chemical liquid. Meanwhile Ham III lost in his quest for a bit of adventure together with Luna will demonstrate his talent and also his witty spirit as a chimp to escape all the dangers of the jungle. This is an ironic situation, Luna a chimp does not know how to behave in the jungle. She cannot swing among trees and is helped by Ham III who guides her all throughout the way.

Reunited, the three chimps with the help of the habitants of the planet will rebuild the space probe and will return to earth safely.

The message in this 3D animation is one of courage, “savoir faire” determination and faith. The chimps have no problem to go into space. They have a mission and will fulfil it no matter the odds. Guided by their own instinct they deal with situation perfectly without fear, even if its not the jungle but technology involved. They are not afraid of Zartog and find no problem to repair the space probe and take it back to earth.

Apart from what is said this is a very entertaining movie and parents feel safe to allow your kids to watch it.


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