How to Avoid Acai Berry Scams

acai_berry_select_ingredients.jpgWhat contains more antioxidants than a grape berry? The Acai palm is one of several species planted around the Amazon Forest. The berry has less pulp than its grape counterpart and is produced in panicles of between 700 and 900 fruits. The fruit is produced seasonally with two crops harvested annually. The berries are mainly harvested as food and provide just below 45% of the food intake among the indigenous Caboclo people. With a good economic value it is also a thriving product in these parts.

And with its growing popularity all the health complements available to the Acai berry have this far been exploited and made public knowledge to everyone who loves their nutrition. It has therefore become a major subject of debate, lobbying and even scams. Though the berry supplements are a good addition to the diet many unscrupulous people are capitalizing on health and nutritional myths to make a killing out of its sale. Mostly free offers of Acai berry supplements only turn out to be a scam after you find out that you are not getting your money’s worth.

One can however avoid such scams by obtaining as much information on this form of nutrition as possible. This makes for informed choices and avoidance of traders involved in Acai berry scams. These individuals are mainly out to capitalize on the benefits and craze of the berry and do not divulge information as to its side effects. The berry supplements for example work towards your health but do not necessarily reduce your weight. Certain supplements contain past 20 m of caffeine and may undermine your nutrition program.

Loss of weight is actually an exercise that needs dedication and a little physical practice, mustn’t be so exacting. The Acai berry only works toward removing toxins that bring about weight problems but does not necessarily work towards the shedding of the extra kilos. Once the toxins are neutralized it is up to yourself to decide on the course you need to take for losing weight. No actual scientific evidence points to the weight loss claimed by pro Acai activists.

Free offers of Acai supplements are certainly not worth your time as you are liable to taking care of the shipping cost as well as any other handling costs. This shipments are however auto shipment affairs which are bound to continue unless you cancel your original subscription for the product. Some firms dealing in the distribution of Acai products are dishonest and buying or accepting anything on offer from them only ruins your life.

Though one of the super foods with a lot of the benefits that come with such groups, scientists are finding it fallacious to support the number of myths perpetrated by Acai berry activists. This is however, under investigation as the claims of weight loss on its ingestion are still hypotheses worth looking into. Acai berry advantages actually outweigh the cons. The supplements don’t contribute in much to your health if you continue on unmonitored modes of nutrition.

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