Playing the Free Pick 6 Lotto

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Stay Away from Common Strategies that Most Players Use

Pick 6 lotto games could make people richer but it could also make more people’s financial condition even worse than before. This kind of lotto usually offers higher odds of winning but there is a big possibility that even though you will win a certain amount, you are not the sole winner which means that the prize amount will be equally divide among winners. The result is that you’ll only get a small portion of the prize that you have won. There some ways on how to prevent this kind of disappointment and you’ll just have to keep them in mind when playing for the next Pick 6 lotto draws.

This is the first thing you should remember when picking your numbers because this will give you a better chance of winning without having to share your prize with other winners. Most lotto players use dates of special events and occasions in their lives such as birthdays and anniversaries so it would be better if you will not use this method in picking your numbers. Instead of picking numbers 31 and below, you should try using numbers 32 and above because only a few people bet on these numbers. Another thing that you should avoid is following a particular pattern like picking numbers divisible by 3 or 5. This is a common strategy which means that is these numbers were drawn; there will also be lots of winners who will claim the prize.

Some Reminders When Buying Lotto Tickets

Instead of betting on numbers that were constantly drawn in the past, why not go with numbers that were considered as cold or those that haven’t come up in a while. Most people will go for the hot set of numbers so it is advisable to go the other way. You could also use machines and software created to generate numbers or pick your numbers in a random manner because you might hit the winning numbers if you do this. It would also help if you will choose both even and odd numbers. Some experts have conducted a study about the winning numbers and the results show that most lotto winning number combinations were made up of both even and odd numbers. Of course these methods could not promise that you will really win and they are just meant to increase your chances of winning with the least number of winners.

If you are going to buy your Pick 6 lotto tickets from a lotto stall, you must check your ticket carefully before leaving the place. It would be better if you could make a list of your chosen numbers so you could cross check it against the ones in your lotto ticket. You should also make sure that the date stamped on your ticket is the date when you intend to play. This is because there have been some cases when lots of players have lost their winnings because of these mistakes. Notify the person in charge or responsible for the tickets in case you have found any error.


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