Simple way to tie a sarong

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In Nigeria, Sarong is very popular and about 95% of women tie it every day. Also among Nigerians, sarong is hardly referred to as sarong. It is called ‘wrapper’, which is the English language term for it.  For the sake of this article, I am going to refer to it as sarong.

It is very comfortable when tied on your body and you can walk gracefully around without having to feel awkward or distress.

1)      Buy a fabric material that can adapt to your body type. I mean make sure you do not go for fabric material that your skin cannot be comfortable with. My skin feels at peace when I tie on Ankara material sarong. So you will have to test the texture of the material on the back of your palm when you are about to purchase this at a textile store.

2)     Buy your choice of fabric material of a length that you know you can use for sarong. If you are not sure about this, discuss this with the textile shop owner or anyone in charge if the shop. They will help you to determine the length you will need

3)     Once you have it, you will have to take it to a tailor to sew it properly. What this mean is that you cannot just buy a raw material, and then tie it that way. Of course, you can do this but it is advisable if you can take it for sewing. Let the tailor sew the edges of the sarong. This will makes it look neat and presentable on you when you will tie it on.

4)     Now that you have your sarong and you are ready to tie it: STAND straight, SPREAD out your thighs and legs in such a way that you have space in between.

5)     HOLD the sarong with your two hands BUT make sure the sarong is at the back of you and not in your front. This way, you are holding the sarong with your two hands positioned backward.

6)     As you hold the sarong, make sure you SPREAD it wide too just like you sprawled out your legs.

7)     MAKE SURE you leave out large portion of the sarong on the RIGHT SIDE that you are holding. Let the LEFT SIDE be smaller but bigger enough to wrap round your waist.

8)    Now, MOVE your LEFT HAND still holding part of the sarong together with it in a CIRCLE  or a ROLL  to your front side of the body like as if you are about to wrap a gift.

9)     Then WRAP it round you as such that it will stop at RIGHT SIDE of your waist. KEEP on holding it.

10) MOVE your RIGHT HAND with the sarong to the front; WRAP it round you such that it will be place EQUALLY on top of the first wrap. MAKE SURE it reaches the LEFT SIDE of your waist. Make sure it is tight so that it will not fall off. As you are wrapping the sarong from your right to your left side waist, REMOVE your LEFT HAND from its grip holding the sarong on the right side because it will hold itself.

11)  Finally, once you have wrapped the second one, that is from the right side to the left side of your waist, with BOTH hands, ROLL the edge of the larger part of the sarong a bit and SQUEEZE it in between the wrap on your left side waist. If you do it properly, it will hold on perfectly.

Then you can close up your legs. You will discover the wrapper is tight nicely and comfortable on you.

  • If your sarong is transparent, make sure you wear an underwear skirt before you tie on your sarong otherwise, your nakedness will be visible to everybody you pass on the street.
  • You can as well wear a mini-tight black colour pant underneath if you are not comfortable wearing underwear skirt.
  • Make sure your legs are apart or sprawling while tying your sarong or else you will find it difficult to move freely afterward.  By doing this, you will be comfortable with your movement.  

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