How to Earn Money Now, 5 Ways You Need To Know

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Some of these cash opportunites are one time deals while others can be done on an ongoing basis. These are ways to make supplimental income, not replace a job. But who doesn’t need extra cash?

Many industries are being hit hard by the recession. To compensate they are offering incentives to customers. Keep your eyes open and you may see some extra cash up for grabs. My first two tips are related to this.

Open a new account at a local bank or online bank. Banks have been hit hard and they are scrambling for customers. There are big name banks offering cash incentives up to $150 for opening a new account. Some are also offering $25 referral awards to existing customers who refer someone. Be sure to read the fine print carefully at the bank you are going to use.

Test drive a new car. Major car manufacturers are in trouble. They are offering cash incentives or gift cards to people who come in for a test drive. I have recently seen incentives up to $200. Check with your local dealers to see what they are currently offering.

Join a focus group. There are focus groups that will pay you for your opinion. Some of the groups will only want your feedback once. Some of them want you to participate on an ongoing basis. To find focus groups looking for people go to for a listing.

Make your car into a rolling billboard. There are companies that will pay you up to $500 a month to advertise on your car. The amount will vary depending on how much space you give them and how many miles you drive. Do an online search and you will find companies doing this.

Take paid online surveys. This has been around a long time but it does pay so don’t discount it. The best way to do it is to create an email account just for that. It will keep your primary account from being clogged with offers. There are lots of sites to sign up with.


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