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im jus ur average teen, my life revolves around my mostly my girlfriend. im turnin 16 in a couple weeks n could not look more forward to drivin but im not ur typical grease monkey, jus like cars. if i ever do leave my bed i spend my time on the comp. not really ur facebook feend, but its nice to get in touch wit friends. im entertainmentless rite now lol but if anythin its all bout ps3 so theres a birthday hint (Y). im the 4th grader trapped in a 15y/o body type. love cartoons. smallvilles the best show tho (Y). as u can tell i love almost all forms of entertainment. id have serious withdrawl symptoms or feel naked without music, im not ur love all genres type, jus hip hop,rap,some rnb here n there – top artist = ludacris, cassidy, jadakiss, SP, drake, game, juelz santana, fabolous, freck billionaire, busta rhymes n plz any recommendations or disagreements feel free to share, u’ll get a slap out the head for bad mouthin one of em but im open lol. i love movies of most genres-action.comedy.horror.sci fi. except documentaries could not b anymore suicidal. video games have been my adoptive parents n i couldnt b more happy – i like action, shooters of all types, racing, rpgs, fighting, mostly co op games n sadbox styles. im not the biggest fan of scool, think of it more as a bad case of crabs (annoying as shit n the more u avoid it the more it builds up) n no i do not have or have had an std of any kind lol. except i look forward to seein my friends n where else to stir up trouble?? i hope u learnd somethin or if not dont blame me for the 3 mins of ur life that flew by listenin to me bable i apoligize. msg me wit any q’s?? on wat i got to offer or just a friend. thats me. ii later.

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