5 Tips For A BETTER Night’s Sleep…

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  1. Read your butt off.

Think about it – you’d rather be reading a book then lying in the dark for the time being. The human body needs at least half an hour without the pushes of technology in order to fall asleep. Reading stimulates the mind, but in the good ways. Make sure the book is interesting, one that you will like, and one that will utterly exhaust you. It may seem childish but such lavish storylines, characters and emotions will spill over into your dreams.


  1. Muscle relaxation techniques

As you roll back the sheets and snuggle down on the bed, tense your whole body for ten seconds. For me, this usually means counting to 12 as I’m a little nervous. Make sure in the time being you breath normally and steadily. After that scrunch up your facial muscles and let them relax. As the time goes on continue to breathe steadily. Once the lights are out and you’ve given yourself time to fall asleep – and nothing has happened – lie on your back and tense each muscle – first one arm, then the other, etc.

  1. Stay still and in bed

If something pops up and you need to move, leave it until the morning, Push the worry away. It’s better to lie still and relaxed than get yourself all worked up by closing a window or putting a form in your bag. The sun will rise and you can guarantee yourself you can do it then. Remember; when you’re in the grasp of sleeplessness, worries seem much, much bigger than they really are. Keep your body relaxed for as long as you can.

  1. Fill the day with activity.

The worst thing a person can do is sit in front of a computer, T.V, or rest on a couch and expect to fall swiftly off to sleep. To reset your body clock, your eyes need the light from the sun, which is nearly 10 times more powerful in this area than houselights. Go outside. Walk the dog, kick the footy, or even go for a jog. The sugar from your daily diet requires at least some exercise to burn it away. You’ll have no need for any muscle relaxation techniques if they are already worn out and aching for rest.


  1. Set up a routine

True, it’s a little clichéd, but a routine is more important than you think. What many people will find is that Sunday night is not a good one. Sleeping is the hardest thing ever on Sunday’s. What usually happens – and does to yours truly – is a routine begins to form around Wednesday and Thursday nights, which makes you tired when you struggle to stay up on Friday. The weekend rolls around and you sleep in. This is horrible! If you want to sleep in, set the alarm an hour, or half, ahead. And remember that if you’re not doing anything too important, like watching T.V or playing computer, sleep would be much more valuable on that Saturday night. You’ll soon find that the weekends are longer if you get up earlier, which will happen if you stay true to the routine.


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