How To Make Sure Your Teeth Are Date-Ready

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It’s funny that teeth get so over-looked, as far as dating articles usually go.  They focus everywhere- make-up, skin, hair- where’s the teeth?  Men often don’t consider the little things that attract women, which can’t be helped.  Cute ears, or nice hands- or nice, white teeth.  Think about it: on a date, you look at the lips, you imagine the kiss, and your date smiles- gasp!  Their teeth are yellow, brown or even greyish…would you want to kiss that mouth?  Luckily, there are options- with varying costs- that you can do to whiten your teeth and brighten your dating chances.

Whitening Toothpaste:
Yes, it actually does work on a small-scale.  It bleaches the outside of your teeth, and takes away any build-up that’s dulling your smile.  Whitening toothpaste won’t completely revamp your coffee-stained teeth to beaming white, but it will help modify their appearance if you’re on a budget.

Tooth-Bleaching Do-It-Yourself Kits:
They’ve been the butt of many jokes in films and t.v., but they work much better, with more success than toothpastes.  To whiten your teeth, you put gel in a mouthguard and either wear it overnight or wear it 5-10 minutes every morning.  It depends on the product, but the process averages about 2 weeks.  The gel is a bleach, which means you could have side-effects:  sore gums or sensitive teeth.  They also don’t last, so it’s a monthly expense if you want to keep your teeth white.

‘Chairside’ Bleaching:
Your dentist can also whiten your teeth, with something they call ‘chairside’ bleaching.  It is just that- you go into the office, he puts specialized gel in a mouthguard and you sit in the chair for 30 minutes to an hour.  It usually takes one visit, but it could take up to two.

Problematic Tooth Coloration:
There are some of us who have had a terrible time with our teeth, and the brown or grey discoloration can’t be bleached.  Or maybe we’ve had some dental work that will show up- glaringly- if we do try to whiten our teeth.  There are several options (check with your dentist):  either porcelain veneers or dental bonding. Unfortunately, they’re also the most expensive.

The reason we find white teeth so wow, is that we subconsciously read white teeth as healthy teeth.  If you’ve been slacking with brushing, or you haven’t paid much attention- and you want to date- you’d better start a regime.  For romance, white is more, in this case.

While modern day teeth whitening products assure you a set of pearly white and healthy teeth in no time, also available are wonderworking natural teeth whitening methods that help you restore white teeth at the comfort of home.


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