The highest you can jump is conditioned by what YOU BELIEVE YOU can do

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This is probably the most important article you will ever read.

If you are reading this make sure you read all of it.

Today I am going to talk to you about having a millionaire mindset – it is absolutely essential in becoming successful in any industry.

You don’t find a teacher arriving at school in a $100,000 car for instance. And it’s more likely to be semi- detached than a mansion. They get a more than the usual amount of holidays a years – although some of those are often taken up with training – but they don’t visit exotic places do they? And yet these are the people teaching us.

Most people who teach business have gained their experience by trying and failing. So, the teachers telling us what to do in business, how to succeed and make money, have often tried and failed to do just that.

And then there are the professional teachers who have never been in business. So, what experience do they have? Zilch. Granted, they have theories but those teachers haven’t actually applied them. So, how do they know those theories actually work?

Consider what techers teach us. We are driven to get good grades, go on to take further education, maybe University so we can get some qualifications. Why? To get a good JOB (Just Over Broke)

Then for the next umpteen years we should strive for promotion in our chosen careers until we reach the top…then retire at 65 if you’re a woman and 70 for the men. And for a few more years, we can collect a pittance in pension…if there’s anything left in the kitty by then that is. That is unless you break away from that system.

It’s frightening isn’t it? I mean what a way to spend your life. Yet the majority of the population do live that way, I used to myself. We are like the fleas in the jar…although they CAN jump 200 times their height they are programmed to believe they can only jump way below that height. Their programming keeps them trapped in that jar, when they could easily escape.

Through our education years and the society we live in, sadly we have conditioned ourselves NOT to aspire to reach any heights of significance. We are living far below our capabilities. We use less than 1% of our brain power. If only we can dare to challenge our brain patterns with the thought that in our world there is an almost limitless height to ‘jump’ to.

There is nothing grand about poverty I know you agree on that, otherwise you wouldn’t be listening to what I have to say… The fact is that you will never be able to reach a height higher than you believe you can. The highest you can jump is conditioned by what YOU BELIEVE YOU can do.

Reality doesn’t come into it.

Think if you could raise your current income ceiling limit and jump it to $1,000,000 a YEAR.

That’s about $84,000 a month.

Sounds good? You can probably imagine earning that much a month. But here’s the point…if you don’t truly BELIEVE you CAN earn…and note I’ve said can, not could, a subtle but vital difference…unless you absolutely KNOW you CAN earn this…you aren’t gong to do it. It just won’t happen if you can’t jump that high.

The belief that you can earn a $1million a year has to be genuine and it has to be strong.

It doesn’t matter where you are today, whether you’re earning $1,000 a month or $5,000 a month. If you BELIEVE that everything you dream of will happen then it will.

Refuse to put a lid on how high you can jump. Believe without any doubts that you will have all the money you want. Don’t dream or wish you’ll get lucky. It has to be a heartfelt belief.

I hope you learn from this valuable information and use it to Think Big.


“You are only one choice away from changing your life”


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